Passion is Possible

Passion is Possible ECE was formed because I saw that there is a clear need for connecting and supporting Early Childhood Educator Professionals. If quality childcare is what we seek then good training and support systems for Educators are essential components in achieving this goal. 

For years, I have seen so many inspiring Early Childhood Educators leaving the field along with their passion for teaching which had slowly been disappearing. A void is opening where new impressionable educators have limited access to positive role models to learn every day essential skills from. This leaves the workforce under-skilled, stuck in stressful work environments and dealing with constant burnout.


It is common knowledge that many factors contribute to child care professionals being burnt out and leaving the field. These include not being seen and heard and therefore valued; also, they are not content with how much they are being paid. As a result of this, I decided to call upon my strengths and do something about it!

Reaching out to the workforce via carefully constructed workshops, I encourage professionals to revisit and remember their passion. Reigniting the spark, giving hope and opening the mind to other ways of thinking create a forum for self-reflective practices for the participants. Individuals break through barriers and limitations to reach a higher level of skills and awareness that enable them to connect deeper to their work and the children they care for. 


I strongly believe that Passion is Possible in ECE and we can keep it there!

The Mission

Empower Early Childcare Educators & Professionals to open their hearts and minds - one workshop at a time. Create safe spaces so each Educator feels seen and heard. Collectively we can improve the quality of childcare services to inevitably inspire positive change for our smallest citizens future. 

The Vision

To spread the ideas of emotional, social and spiritual well being of Early Childhood Educators to collectively raise the standards within our systems.

The Values

Striving to make strong connections is the key to being a successful educator. Pride yourself on leading by example and showing your values through your actions. Your whole self is welcome.

"I have been an Early Childhood Educator for 15 years. When I moved to Vancouver I tried to find a like minded community to help me feel a connection and a sense of belonging. I never found one, I struggled working full time at day cares without a supportive community. My stress levels were high and I did not have the training or skills to cope with my feelings. Not only did I suffer, my coworkers suffered and the young children I cared for were suffering and there seemed to be no resolution. It wasn't until I went on a self discovery journey with the help of a spiritual group that I realized the self reflection techniques used were significantly helping to strengthen my connection to the children I cared for. I wanted to share this with other Educators and create a community that encourages this type of support for others. I remembered the passion I had when I started out and believe that we all can create a better work life for ourselves if we bring our true selves to work every day
Vikki Moore
Vancouver, British Columbia
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