"Something leads us to work with children - it’s that special something within. Our job is to honour it, listen to it and act upon it’s truth."

There is a direct link between the passion of the educator and a child's passion for learning. Passion is Possible provides Early Childhood Educators and Early Years professionals access to inspiration training to ensure they are keeping their passion for child care alive. 
Professional Development Workshops
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Mentorship & Coaching
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As an Early Childhood Professional do you feel as stress goes up your passion for childcare goes down?
Stress and burnout is far too common within this profession and eventually we loose sight of why we entered the field in the first place. If you wish to keep your passion for Early Childhood Education alive, please subscribe to my free newsletter below to receive inspirational messages straight in your inbox.

"When we work with passion, our love and creativity emit a special kind of energy that children are drawn to. In those moments when you are passionate, you will find their curiosity and playfulness abundant."

Vancouver, British Columbia
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